London Mistake Visitors Often Commit. How To Avoid It

London Visitors Often Commit The Following Mistakes. How To Avoid It

London Visitors Often Commit The Following Mistakes. How To Avoid It

London is a great city and one of the best in the world, But mistake is common. There’s always something new to see, whether it’s your first time there or your 12th. Whatever your reason for being there, you will surely have a wonderful time. But don’t do these things to get the most out of your next trip to the capital.

Mistake 1: Everyone Getting the Tube

The Tube is what holds London together. Without it, the city pretty much stops moving. Central London’s main tourist spots are close enough to each other that you can walk between them. Walking is not only possible but sometimes faster and more beautiful. For instance, people often walk from Leicester Square to Covent Garden, only about 1,000 feet away. Walking allows you to view London above the earth and possibly learn things you wouldn’t have learned if you had taken the tube since you won’t be wasting your time in filthy tunnels.

Other options for getting about include:

Santander Cycles: 

You can rent them for $2.50 for 24 hours for trips up to 30 minutes long. The city has recently put money into bike lanes and cyclists’ safety.


An excellent method to burn off the fish and chips you have likely consumed.

River Bus: 

It’s a bit more expensive than the Tube and other public transportation, but it’s a beautiful way to get from one side of the city to the other by boat on the Thames.

Mistake 2: Not “Tubing” the Right Way

No matter if you’re a tourist or a local, you have to follow a strict set of unwritten rules to use the London Underground. If you don’t follow these rules, you might get angry looks, tuts, or even passive-aggressive or sarcastic comments from other passengers. Ignorance is not bliss, so make sure you know how to use the Tube. Keep in mind the following principles:

  • Let other people on the Tube first before you get on.
  • Take the escalator up the left side, standing on the right side.
  • Don’t get in the way of the ticket gates. If you’re having trouble getting through the ticket barrier, you should ask a TfL worker for help instead of blocking the way for other people.
  • Make space. Instead of standing in the middle of the carriages near the doors, move inside the car to make it easier for you and other people to get on and off the Tube.
  • Think about other people. Give someone who might need it a hand by giving them your seat if you see that they are pregnant, old, or could use a seat more than you could.
  • Get rid of your bag. If you carry your backpack in your hand, you won’t knock people over when you turn around.
  • Try not to go to or from the airport with your bags during rush hour if you can help. Even though this isn’t always possible, it’s likely to be a bad way to start or end your time in London.
  • Don’t purchase tickets. Taking the Tube will be easier if you use your phone and one of the many contactless payment options. Travel on trains, buses, and the Tube within zones 1-2 will cost you up to $8.60 per day.
  • Having a cup of Chain Coffee

I understand you need coffee when you’re jet-lagged or tired from all your walking. However, it would be better to avoid large chains such as Starbucks, Costa, and Pret as much as possible, even though there is one on almost every corner. If you look around a bit more, you’ll find a small coffee shop with coffee that will blow your mind.

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Mistake 3 : The Wrong Places to Eat

  • Food in the UK is not bad sometimes, make mistake, despite what most people think. We have gotten this bad name because Central London has many average chain restaurants and the most popular tourist spots.
  • If you want to eat better in London and maybe change the way people think about British food, go to places like Angel/Islington (especially Upper Street), Bermondsey, Broadway Market, Shoreditch, Clapham/Battersea, and Mercato Metropolitano in Elephant & Castle. You can find great places to eat if you research ahead of time.

Flat Iron

Steak that will kill you and won’t break your budget. If you want to skip the line, arrive early since there are no reservations.

El Ganso

A casual, real Spanish tapas restaurant with seating on the sidewalk. The only place better than this is Barcelona, which is a few hundred miles away. No, it’s that good.

Temper Soho

One for those who eat meat. You’ll get many delicious meat dishes out of the open kitchen.


You’ll never forget eating here.

Duck and waffles

You can get British and European food at any time of day or night. Make a reservation for whatever time you want to eat because the restaurant fills up quickly.

Hutong on the Shard

Modern Chinese restaurant above the city in The Shard with a great sunset view.

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