The Best Places For A Royal Visit In London: The Royal Treatment

The Best Places For A Royal Visit In London: The Royal Treatment

 You can get close to the British royal family in London, whether you’ve been a fan for a long time or just learned about them from the award-winning Netflix show ” The Crown.” Many members of the Queen’s family live in London, so here’s how you can get the “royal treatment.”

Start your royal adventure at Buckingham Palace, the official London home of Queen Elizabeth II.

The Change of Guard

You may take in the splendor of the Changing of the Guard event in front of Buckingham Palace. It’s a big tourist attraction and usually happens four times a week at 11 a.m. Expect the troops to march with precision, play music, and wear bearskins.

It’s free and gets a lot of people every day, so get there early to get a good spot to watch.

The Queen’s Galleries

You can’t just walk up to Buckingham Palace whenever you want and ask the Queen to have tea with you. You probably won’t see any royal family members in person while you’re there.

But there are parts of the palace that are open to the public. The Royal Series in the Queen’s Gallery has “old master paintings, rare furniture, decorative arts, and images from the vast photograph collection.” Until October 11, 2020, there is a special exhibition about George IV and a collection of Dutch and Flemish masterpieces along with delicate French porcelain.

Royal Mews

When they need to get around London, the royal family doesn’t call an Uber or take the tube. The Royal Mews, which was built in 1825 and is also part of Buckingham Palace, makes travel plans for the royal family.

Remember those fancy carriages pulled by horses that you see at royal weddings and other important events? You can see these beautiful state coaches here, like the Gold Stage Coach, who used to crown kings and queens. The Royal Mews is also a great place for kids to visit because it is a working stable, and the Queen gives each horse its name.

State Rooms

The fact that it is only open for a few months each year and only when the Queen is not in residence, typically during the summer when she vacations at Balmoral in Scotland, is the only reason it didn’t come in first place on the list.

But when it is open, it has 19 luxurious staterooms with classic art and furniture, a garden with more than 350 kinds of wildflowers, and the famous Buckingham Palace lake.

Westminster Abbey

The well-known Westminster Abbey is only a short walk from Buckingham Palace. This has been the site of many royal weddings, including:

William and Kate got married in 2011.

Prince Andrew married Sarah Ferguson.

Princess Anne was married to Captain Mark Phillips.

Queen Elizabeth II and Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten RN.

About 2,000 people can fit in the Abbey, but almost a billion people worldwide watched William and Kate’s wedding. We did, too!

You can ask all those royal questions on a guided tour of Westminster Abbey.

The London Tower

When your tour of the royal wedding is over, go down the River Thames to the Tower of London. It is one of the most well-known places in the city, and it has a lot of royal history. Kings and queens lived in the Tower for 500 years. You’ll also see the Tower Bridge, which you can walk over for free.

William the Conqueror spent 20 years building the Tower. It is almost 1,000 years old and holds the beautiful Crown Jewels, which Yeoman Warders guard, also called “Beefeaters,” who live with their families on the grounds of the Tower.

Up until 1810, money for the country was also made at the Tower Mint.

If you can only see one part of the Tower, make it the Crown Jewels. More than 30 million people see them every year. The most important part of the collection is the Coronation Regalia, which has been used to crown every monarch since 1661.

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Kensington Palace

Your last stop should be at Kensington Palace, which will bring your royal experience up to date. This was Queen Victoria’s childhood home. Also, where Princess Diana lived before she died. It is where Prince William and Kate Middleton live at the moment.

It was bought by King William and Queen Mary for $25,500 in 1689, which is about $5 million in today’s money. Its value of it is now much higher!

Here, you can see Queen Victoria’s childhood rooms and look at some of her personal belongings in an exhibit about her life. Then you can see the King’s and Queen’s State Apartments. In the past, these rooms were used for gatherings and shows. In the 1700s, courtiers and guests stood in front of royalty, so they didn’t need furniture as you would find in a home.

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