Pub : London's Most Beautiful Pub In 2023

Listed Below Are Some Of London’s Most Beautiful Pubs In 2023 

Churchill Arms

The Churchill Arms is at the top of many lists of London’s most beautiful pubs, which is easy to see. It’s the first pub on our list of beautiful London pubs to visit. It was built in 1750, and Churchill’s grandparents went there during the 1800s. This changed the name after World War II. The front of the building is covered with beautiful, bright flower displays that once won the Chelsea Flower Show. During the Christmas season, about 80 Christmas trees and 22,000 lights are put up outside, making it one of the most Christmassy pubs in the city. There are many Churchill memorabilia on the walls and a butterfly-themed conservatory with a menu of tasty Thai food.

Holly Bush

This charming London pub is about as British as you can get. It’s tucked away down a cobblestone lane in Hampstead and inside a grade, II listed building, which means it’s protected because of its history. It’s a favorite among the locals. Its decor is compact yet cozy, with dark wood furnishings, leather couches, and stray tables.

They have a lot of beers on tap and serve traditional seasonal food, like a roast dinner on many lists of “Best Roast Dinners in London.” It’s a good idea to look around the neighborhood afterward. Hampstead is one of London’s most beautiful parts, with cute shops, cafes, and also parks. The Casual Tourist Guide to North London has more ideas for things to do in this part of the city.

The Dickens Inn

The Dickens Inn is a traditional pub from the 18th century. It is in London’s only marina, St. Katherine’s Docks, which is always busy. The Tavern Bar, a traditional pub serving classic pints and food, is on the ground floor. The Grill is also part of The Dickens Inn. It serves traditional British and seasonal food in a more upscale setting. It’s a great place for a casual lunch, dinner, or something a little fancier. People think the pub was built in the early 1700s as a tea factory or a local brewery. It was then turned into a tavern with sawdust floors. If it’s a warm day, choose a seat on one of the balconies upstairs. You’ll be surrounded by flowers and have a great view of the docks below.

The Albion

The Albion is a beautiful London pub that deserves to be on this list of places to go. The outside is covered with wisteria, and inside, a few log fires keep the wood-paneled rooms warm and cozy. It’s a Georgian gem that’s right in the middle of Islington. When it first opened, the area was just fields. Inside are shaky floorboards, chairs and tables that don’t match, and French windows that lead to one of the prettiest beer gardens in London, with more wisteria and many places to sit. It works well for big groups.

The Spanish Tavern

The Spaniards Inn is the last pub on our list of beautiful places to go in London. The pub has a lot of history. It was built in 1585 as a tollgate, and there is a story that Dick Turpin’s father was the landlord in the 1700s and that Dick Turpin was also born there. The pub has a cozy feel because it has an open fire, dark wooden floors and walls, and many cozy corners. There is a large walled garden where you can have drinks or food from their seasonal menu while sitting outside. The pub is only five minutes from Hampstead Heath, a beautiful park.


The Blackfriar pub has been around since 1875 and is a classic London drinking spot. It deserves a spot on our list of beautiful London pubs to visit. It takes place in an art nouveau-style Grade II building on Queen Victoria Street. The building looks like a classic church because it has mosaics, marble sculptures, paintings, and balconies with decorations. They’ve made a name for themselves with their delicious food, which focuses on fresh, seasonal dishes and a variety of pies. They consider themselves pie connoisseurs.”

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Bank of England, Old

At this historic city pub on Fleet Street, just around the corner from Temple Station and a few steps from the Thames, you can see a piece of London’s past. It’s in the old Law Court branch of the old Bank of England, which was there from 1888 to 1975. It has big artwork and a lot of interesting decorations. The inside is decorated in a Neoclassical style with chandeliers, high ceilings with carvings, and a creaky wooden staircase. Expect dishes like burned rosary goat’s cheese with focaccia croutons, duck croquettes, and tempura Padron peppers, as well as a variety of homemade pies served with creamy mash and red wine sauce. The menu features conventional pub fare but has a somewhat more upscale atmosphere.

Ye Olde Mitre

This traditional London pub was built in 1547, so it has seen much of what went on in London in the 1600s. It’s tucked away down a small alley on Ely Street in Holborn, and if you want to experience a classic British pub, this is the place to go. Inside are small rooms with a few tables and chairs in each nook and cranny. If you like ale, you’re in luck because they have a great variety of ales on tap that goes well with homemade bar snacks. It’s a great place to stop by if you want to see a pub with a lot of history.

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